Players receive their tailed beast after completing the quest at lvl 21. The first tailed beast is the 1-tail Shukaku. The Summoned Beast plays the role of a buff for your team. It improves the ninjas stats based upon the level of the beast. These effects take place in the Arena, Konoha Conquest, Konoha Defence, Beast Battle and Rebeller's Attack events. Players can level the beast by using either silver , Channeling Scrolls, or Gold. After the 1-tailed beast is leveled to level 10 it is able to be transformed, which then boosts the player's stats even more.

Leveling and TransformingEdit


There are multiple ways to go about leveling one's beast.

  • Boost - costs 15,000 Silver and it gives a certain amount of EXP based on beast's level. It can also trigger a S.Crit wich gives 10x normal EXP
  • Adv. Boost - costs 10 Gold/Coupons but first it consumes Channeling Scrolls that a player has in their inventory. It gives more exp than a regular Boost and can trigger a S.Crit and also small chance for triggering a L. Crit (Large Critical - directly levels up the beast regardless of the curent amount of EXP) 
  • Bulk Boost - Its same as Boost but you have 50x Boost in one click.
  • Rapid Boost - 50x Adv. Boost (it will consume Channeling Scrolls first , then Gold/Coupons)


Beast 2
Every time you get to level 10 your beast advances in tails. 1-tail Shukaku gains one tail and turns into 2-tails Matatabi wich turns into 3-tails Isobu and so on :)

The stats of the beast can also be improved by "feeding" the beast Broken and Perfect Fruit wich increases the beast's stats permanently (as seen in the first picture under Curent Stats - Defence 2883(+2) )