Character Stats

Stats are the most important part in this game.

Stats calculate the Damage done by your Ninjas , they're lifepoints , who attacks first, and many other things.

You can increase your stats by using Jades, S.Weapons, Fortifying, or many other things.

Main StatsEdit

There are four main stats in this game. ( in white at the photo )

  • Force
    • Increase your P.ATK and P.DEF
  • Chakra
    • ​Increase your Strategy. DEF, and Strategy.ATK
    • It also increase your healing power from Genjutsu-Supports
  • Power
    • ​Increase your HP
  • Agility
    • ​Increase your Speed

Primary StatsEdit

There are six primary stats in this game. ( in lightblue at the photo )

  • HP - Increases the lifepoints of your ninjas
  • Speed - [stated above] who attacks first. A higher speed attacks before the lower speed.
  • P.ATK - increases the physical Damage done by your Ninja. Mostly used by Ninjutsu and Tai-Jutsu types.
  • Damage Rate - a kind of bonus % damage. Mostly received by wearing a whole set of one armor.
  • P.DEF - increases the physical Defense and lowers the damage taken by physical attacks.
  • Strategy.DEF - increases the strategy Defense and lowers the damage taken by strategy attacks. Mostly used by Genjutsu types.

Secondary StatsEdit

There are eight secondary stats in this game. ( in green at the photo )

  • HitRate - Is the chance the hit your enemy. To hit a player for 100 % you have to reach 190% hitrate.
  • DodgeRate - Is the chance to dodge a hit getting from an opponent. The maximum dodge rate is 90%. If you dodge a hit ,the enemy doesn't get any fury for that turn.
  • CritRate - Is the chance to critical strike your enemy. A crit generates an extra 50 fury. The cap is 90%.
  • CounterRate - lowers the chance to get hit by a critical strike. The cap is 90%.
  • S.ATKRate - lowers the chance that the own attack gets blocked by the enemy. The cap is 90%.
  • BlockRate - increases the chance to block attacks. Blocks are taking lower damage then normal hits. The cap is 90%.
  • Punch Rate - Is a modifier for extra single attacks in the same round you get the punchrate.
  • Aid Rate - Increases the incoming healing and spreads the damage taken , to other ninjas around. Mostly from the assaulter to the vanguard.