Spring Armor

Spring Armor is made available to Forge at Level 50 with 5 Spring Ore and 20 Moon Spring


  • Physical Defense: 270
  • 2 Additional Attributes
  • 6 Jade's Inlay Attributes (Can be perforated 2 times)

Additional Attribute may be changed when you Refine your equipment.

You can expand your Jade's Inlay by 2 sockets in the Refine menu.

Spring Set BonusEdit

Bonus stats that you can get when you have 2,4, and 6 items of this same Spring Set.
Spring Armor Forge

  • 2 Effect: Power +500
  • 4 Effect: Force +250  and Chakra + 250
  • 6 Effect: Damage rate +4%


With 120 Moon Spring and 15 Spring Ore, Spring Armor can be upgraded to S.Forge Spring Armor.
S. Forge Spring Armor

Server Name:Mantis [243]


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