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06-18-2014, 01:03 AM

Dear Players,
Our R&D team is currently developing new game systems at full strength. With their efforts, the game will be more intriguing. Please find the new features below.

New Features:
1. The Strongest Guild - Single Server Guild Battle: Guild level 5 is required
a) The group leader or vice group leader can sign up for the guild from 7:30 PM, Wed. to 0:00 AM, Thur.
b) The group leader can select battle orders for the auto match order of the Audition Match.
c) If a group member’s level is lower than Lv. 45 or fails to login for 3 days, the group cannot join the Audition Match.
d) Each guild can sign up only once.

2. Strongest Guild - Cross-Server Guild Battle: Guild level 5 is required
Audition Match Description:
I. The Audition Match of the Strongest Guild is held at 6:30PM, every Friday. The top 2 guilds in the qualifying match in each server can sign up for the Cross-Server Audition Match. If there are too many guilds joining it, the top 600 guilds in the guild level ranking will attend it.
II. Registration Rules:
a) The group leader or vice group leader signs up from 7:30 PM, Wed. to 0:00 AM, Thur. and determines the order of the participants and group members. If the guild does not sign up, they will be disqualified.
b) After the guild registers, all eligible players can submit their combat data before 0:00 AM, Thurs. as their combat data for the audition match.
c) If the group member does not submit the data, the combat data submitted by the group leader in the registration will be considered as that of the audition match.
d) There is only one chance for the guild to sign up and players to submit the combat data in a week. Once it is submitted, it cannot be changed.

III. Battle Rules of Audition Match:
a) 1v1 guild battle will be randomly matched by the system.
b) The guild will enter the next round after winning till it reaches the top 16.
c) After being defeated once, the guild will enter the Loser Group to battle till it enters the top 16 in the Loser Group.
d) If a guild is defeated twice, it will be eliminated.
e) Players’ HP will be kept in each round of battle and players will automatically enter the next battle. In the battle, the fireball damage will be inflicted based on the winning streak. When player only has 1 HP, player won’t inflict fireball damage. After entering the next round, the whole group will battle with full HP.
IV. Rewards will be emailed to the participating group members based on the guild rank after the battle ends.
V. The top 16 players in the Winner and Loser Groups will enter the cross-server final match.

3.Strongest Guild - Competition for the Top 32 Players: Guild level 5 is required
I. Cross-Server final match for the Strongest Guild will be held at 6:15 PM on Sunday. The top 16 guilds from the Winner and Loser Groups in the Selecting Competition will automatically join the cross-server final match.

II. Cross-server Final Match Rules:
a)The top 16 guilds from the Winner Group in the Selecting Competition will be the King Group and the top 16 guilds from the Loser Group will be the Strong Group. The winning guilds will enter the next round while the losers will be eliminated. Top 8, 4, 3 and group winners will come out in two groups.
b)The winners from the King and Strong Groups will enter the Peak Group. One of them will be the winner of the cross-server final match.
c)Players can bet on every round in each group and win prizes if they bet successfully.

III. Rewards will be sent to guild members by email based on guild ranking.

4.Occult Techniques: Level.90 is required
a) The Occult Techniques are released after the main character launches attacks. Only one Occult a)Technique can be used in each combat.
b) Each Occult Technique can be upgraded to Lv.20 by spending corresponding Elemental Spirits.
c) Universe Spirits can be used as upgrade materials for all Occult Techniques.
d) Gather spirits to obtain elemental spirits.
e) Effect of Occult Techniques cannot be stacked with other skill effects of the same kind.

Gather Spirits
a)Use Gather Spirits to acquire Elemental Spirits that can be used for the Occult Technique Practice.
b)Training can change element level. 5 Elemental Spirit points can be harvested from Lv. 1 Element. Each level increased can net you extra 5 Elemental Spirit points. Elements can grow up to Lv. 10.
c)The price of Gold Reset increases with the reset attempts.
d)The higher the growth level of the Elemental Spirit, the better chance it will have of being blasted in the regrowth. The level will return to Lv.1 after the blast.
e)There are 3 free attempts to reset Gather Spirits every day.
f)Fine Training can let all the current Elemental Spirits grow to Lv. 10.
g)Epic Training can let all the Elemental Spirits turn into Universe Spirits and grow to Lv. 10.

Thank you for your support and love of Unlimited Ninja. We are making every effort to improve and present you with better game experience!

Unlimited Ninja Operating Group
June 18, 2014

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