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A guild in Ultimate Naruto is an organization for players level 26+. Guilds are a phenomenal way to gather information and connect with other players. For example, if a player is unaware about an aspect of the game, he/she may reach out to their guild and ask a more experienced player. Most of the time, he/she will receive an answer much quicker than if said question was projected to the world chat. Guilds are also very beneficial to character growth. By joining or creating a guild, players now have access to activities that were once unable to be participated in. These activities are sought after due to their distribution of rewards such as: experience, s. ability, guild chests, and silver. 

Privilege List:Edit

Everyone's rank, besides the founder, is based upon how much gold/silver is donated. If the leader is inactive for three days, the title will be passed down to the vice chairman / deputy leader with the highest donation. 

Guild Information:Edit


Info section of guild

Shown to the right is information regarding the standings of the guild.

The level of the guild impacts the reward. At level 14 the EXP & silver bonus equate to 6.5% and will only continue to increase which is a useful perk when trying to become the best ninja team in the game. 

Assests is how much your guild has collected so far.

Contribution is how much a player has donated in their time since joining the guild. 

The "Feats" section highlights why donating to a guild is important.

Not only does it increase the reward value over time but it also comes in handy at the guild camp. As a player grows in level, their ability to donate more increases.

Guild Camp:Edit

Guild camp

Guild Camp

As stated in the aforementioned section, after donating, players earn feats.

The "My Feat" section shows how much money a player has left during the day to use for upgrades. 

As shown to the right, 2660 is enough to donate the "Physical Defense" & "Strategy Defense" section. 

By upgrading these, a player earns bonus stats for their characters. 


Vault shot


The vault is the section of the guild where chests are stored from activities such as Konoha Conquest & Konoha Defense.

Guilds earn Chests by ranking in top spots during the activities. 

Once earned, the Chairman / Leader, can distribute the chests to all deserving members. Guild chests are the equivilant to epic material chests so obtaining them may benefit the character quite a bit.