Formation is the function and process of assigning recruited ninja into combat positions before a battle. The setting of a team formation can have a great effect on battle process.

The Formation is also used for assigning what jutsu your avatar character will use in battle. As you recruit more ninja and gain jutsu formation becomes a fundamental process to change the outcome of any battle. The number of ninjas a player can use in battle and set up in formation increase as there personal title does.

The max number of ninja a player can have in battle and formation is 5. While all other ninja can be removed from formation the main character avatar cannot be removed. A player can set up their team formation however they wish as long as the character avatar is in formation and the total number of ninja in battle does not exceed 5 ninjas.

Formation Display and UseEdit

The Formation grid consist of three different areas for three different ninja types: Assault, Vanguard, and Support.

Formation (A)
For Assault type ninja only. The Assault area is a blue area in the middle of the formation grid and has 3 spaces. Assault Type Ninjas specialize in attacking the enemy formation and using jutsu to immediately defeat enemy Vanguards, Assaulters, and Supporters. A player can have a total of 3 Assault type ninjas in battle at one time.

Formation (V)
For Vanguard type ninja only. The Vanguard area is the only area in formation that has a single panel. Players can recruit multiple vanguard type ninja, but can only have one Vanguard in formation at a single time. The Vanguard is the main defensive force in formation. It is the first to be attacked. Because of this, most Vanguard type ninja have high HP (health points) and defensive power. Vanguards also use specialized jutsu to increase their defensive capability and/or survival rate.

Formation (S)
For Support type ninja only. The Support area is a the red area at the back of the formation grid and like assault has 3 spaces. Support Type Ninja are not immediately powerful but useful ninja. Support ninja are used to increase the chance of victory.

Support ninja use specialize jutsus that are capable but not limited to: Healing, Increasing team attack strength, Increasing defense strength, Stunning enemy team, decreasing enemy defense, and more. However most support ninja possess low HP, Defense Strength, and/or Attack Strength. However, most support ninja are easily capable of becoming the fastest ninja in a formation.

Additional UsesEdit

The Formation grid is also used to assign what Jutsu a players avatar will use in battle, view available Jutsu, and Ninjas.

Jutsu SelectionEdit

Formation (J)
The list of Jutsu a player is able to used is displayed to the right of the Formation display.

Each Jutsu has its own unique effect that can change the outcome of a battle. A player can only have one Jutsu assign for use in battle. For information on how to obtain additional Jutsu see S.Ability.

Battle PointsEdit

Formation (BP)
Battle points are also displayed in the top left corner of Formation Grid.

Available NinjasEdit

Formation (N)

Formation (TN)
The Ninjas a player has recruited and are capable of assigning to formation, are displayed at the bottom of the Formation Grid

Finally, the formation grid shows the total number of ninja a player is currently capable of assigning to formation. This located in the right-hand corner above the ninja display.