Bag categoriesEdit

The bag has 6 categories.

  • Item - Here are any usable items that don't belong to any other category, such as Exp-Scrolls, Silver-Scrolls, Hokage Proofs and so on.
  • Equipment - Here are any Clothes and Weapons that you can use in your Team window.
  • Material - Here are the materials that you need to craft new Clothes and Weapons at the Blacksmith or under Foritfy -> MakeEquip
  • Jade - Where the jades are kept
  • S.Wpn - Here are S.Weapons that you can obtain by beating enemies in the Realms fights.
  • Temp.Vault - This section fills up with any item if your main bag is full. Normally, the items stay here until you return them by yourself or until the next server maintenance, where they "can" be deleted.

Bag CapacityEdit

Is the maximum of slots you have for your whole inventory stuff. 

You can increase your bag capacity by leveling up your VIP Rank

Bag capacity

Or clicking "Expand" in your Bag Menu






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