The arena is the place where people from the server compete for rank & reward. Players have the opportunity to receive higher rewards based upon their standing in the arena. 


Players are given 15 challenge opportunities a day. 

After challenging another player, there is a 5 minute cooldown period before another challenge may be made.

This cooldown period may be skipped with the use of gold or coupons.

Defeating a player provides an opportunity to capture them in the Master&Slave area.


On winning a fight in the arena you get prestige, experience, & silver. Higher the level of the enemy, the larger the reward of experience and silver. 

Winning a fight earns 200 prestige. Losing a fight earns 100 prestige. 

You get arena chest as per your ranking. These chests contain siver, prestige, & material chests

These chests can be collected at the time set by the server

Those ranking 201-600 will receive a green chest:

Green Chest

Those ranking 101-200 will receive a blue chest:

Blue Chest

Those ranking 41-100 will receive a purple chest:

Purple chest

Those ranking 11-40 will receive a yellow chest:

Yellow chest

Those ranking 3-10 will receive an orange chest:

Orange reward chest

Those ranking 1-2 will receive a red chest:

Red chest

Rank ViewerEdit

Whilst in the arena, players have the option to view other player's characters and set up. Players may use this feature to compare equipment and stats with other players. 

Competition Ranking

This window will appear after clicking the red button located next to the word "Rank" in green as seen above