Chouji Akimichi

Akimichi Chouji is one of the loyal and enthusiastic team members from Asuma Sarutobi's team. He is also regarded as a trustworthy member in his team. As a member of the Akimichi family, Chouji knows various body techniques.
Skill Human Boulder Attack enemy Vanguard, growing rate 70%, increase caster's Block rate by 25% for 3 rounds.
Talent Block Talent Increases Block rate by a certain percent.
Formation Vanguard
Type Great Jutsu Weapon Kunai
Ranking C
Force 30 Growth Rate 1.2
Chakra 20 Growth Rate 1.1
Agility 20 Growth Rate 1.3
Power 160 Growth Rate 1.6
Souls Cost 50 Level Level
Materials None
Akimoto Corey Tavern
Akimoto Corey Tavern Recruitment

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